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Whatever it is that has prompted customers to seek our services, our certified massage therapists don’t disappoint. We are fully devoted to advocating healthy lifestyles and stress-free lives by lowering the use of pharmaceutical medication via natural means. Our professional therapists listen closely to the customer, offering a bespoke treatment designed to erase pain, clear up muscle tension and remove stress altogether.

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We want nothing more than to present you with a fully enveloping experience to enjoy our massage and therapy services. You might be suffering from tight, tense muscles that demand a good massage. Whether it’s a pressure-point massage to soothe your muscles or an aromatherapy oil-based massage to help you unwind, our salon will cover this. We aim to boost this experience with therapeutic music, and a soothing, soulful voice, so that your complete treatment is enjoyed to the fullest.

Best Massage in Reading

At Skys Massage, we put customers at the heart of our business. At the hands of our fully qualified and professional massage therapists, you will be given a specialised treatment devised to get rid of tension, back pain and any stress your body might be dealing with. With a combined approach of full body massages, deep tissue treatments, reflexology and head massages, we aim to leave our customers feeling relaxed and invigorated. Our massage salon’s courses of treatment are the best in the region! Read our reviews or just give us a call, either way you won’t be disappointed!


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